Help Your Business Survive COVID-19 by Optimizing Display Advertising

COVID-19 is making it especially difficult for businesses to advertise and manage in-person operations. Because of this, many companies are moving as much of their sales operations online as possible. Unfortunately, those companies were less likely to invest in online advertising, making it difficult to drive traffic to their websites.

To overcome the impact of COVID-19, your company may need to focus on online advertising. Rather than flooding the internet with ads to make up the difference, focus on making the best ads possible. Well-designed display ads can be the difference between thriving online and struggling to stay open. In this article, we discuss the best ways to optimize your display advertising to overcome COVID-19 challenges.

How Display Advertising Drives Online Business

Display ads are one of the best ways of increasing sales online if implemented correctly. Display ads include any type of visual (images, video, etc…) designed to advertise something, so there are a lot of possibilities for how you can advertise your company. By designing and applying ads in the right way, you can maximize your chances of engaging with potential customers and drawing them into your sales funnel.

Display ads can be effective because the majority of people’s attention online goes toward visual ads. That is why so many people invest in using business ad makers that create visual displays designed from effective ad templates. The result is an increase in traffic derived from display ads.

How to Display Ads Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

Since the majority of businesses are moving their operations online, the majority of shoppers are now online. This was a growing trend before, but COVID-19 ensured that people would shop online extensively. This creates a lot of “noise” that potential customers have to sift through to find what they are looking for.

Well-designed display ads make it easier to get customers’ attention in the sea of ad noise. This is why it is crucial to develop effective advertising that is both well-made and well-placed online. By doing so, you can get the attention of a larger segment of potential customers, which will feed your sales funnel and convert into sales. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for businesses right now; how to maintain their sales and customer bases if they cannot complete sales in person.

Monitor Metrics More Effectively

The only way that you will know if your efforts are successful is by monitoring performance metrics. This can seem like a daunting task, but it is crucial for determining if you are doing things the way that they need to be done. Where most people feel overwhelmed is in deciding which metrics to follow. If you can identify five metrics that are the most important, then focus your efforts only on those five to optimize your display advertising efforts. Here are five metrics that you should monitor and try to improve:

Ad Design

The design of your ads is the first potential problem that you can encounter. If designed well, your ads will drive traffic. However, many people struggle with simple design mistakes. One way of fixing this is to test different versions of ads. The process is relatively simple and you do not need a specific program or app to help you, although there are programs for that.

Begin by designing an ad using a digital ad maker. When you are finished, post the ad to a page where you can track its performance, and wait for at least two weeks. Record your performance during that time. Then, make a small change to that ad that you think will make a difference. Post the ad in the same space and monitor progress again. This is the basics of A/B testing and you can use it to see what works and what does not.

Ad Placement Strategy

Where you place your ads is just as important as how you make them. Choose specific places to put your ads based on the content. For example, putting a banner ad about car cleaning services on a page about cars can be a good idea. Placing that same ad on a page about bowling will be less effective.

Develop a strategy for placing ads near relevant content or on relevant pages. A/B test this strategy with different ads to see what works and to guide any future changes.

Page Traffic Stats

Monitor the traffic stats for pages where your ads are. This will help you judge if the ads are effective relative to page traffic. If a page has very low traffic, then you cannot expect your ads to produce a lot of leads. Conversely, high traffic pages with low traffic ads indicate that something is wrong with your ads. Use page traffic to determine if your ads can be successful on those pages or not.


Always monitor the cost of your ads. If your ads cost more than they generate, then they need to change. It may be a problem with the ad or with the way it is being used. Either way, you need to know what the cost of your ad spend is in order to determine if it is generating ROI.


Finally, measure the actual conversion rate of your ads. This will show you if the ads are leading to sales. Ultimately, you want your ads to have the highest conversion rate that you can get since it means more sales and more revenue.

Do Not Try to Do Everything at Once

While it is tempting to use an ad template maker to create ads for every conceivable situation, it will not help you. Do not try to do everything at once with your ads. Focus on making ads that achieve very specific goals and limit your ads to what you can effectively manage. It is better to have fewer ads that are well-managed than to have many ads that do not produce a significant ROI.

Get Help Making Ads

Another way to improve the quality of your ads is to get help in making them. Ad2Cart gives you an ad template maker that makes it easy to create high-quality display ads. Try Ad2Cart for your next display advertising campaign to help to overcome the business challenges of COVID-19.




Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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