How to Choose A Law Firm For Your Small Business

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Choosing a Law Firm for Your Business is Not Only an Economic Consideration But It is also a Strategic One.

Law firm size does not always equate to legal service value. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of quality legal services from experienced and sophisticated business attorneys at smaller law firms. Indeed, an increasing number of smaller firms are staffed by business attorneys that are “big law” refugees seeking to provide legal services in a more cost efficient manner. Large law firm structure often handcuffs business attorneys from delivering legal services in the most creative and cost effective manner. Without large firm formalities, business attorneys in smaller firms can be flexible in working with clients and billing for legal services. The next question becomes what law firm is right for your business.

It is important to consider the type of legal issue your organization is facing.

There is no doubt that there are some “bet the company cases” for big businesses in the multi-millions of dollars that justify $1,000 plus an hour billable rates. In those instances, some organizations want to have certain large law firm names on the pleadings. (And, this is not to say that smaller bigs cannot handle “bet the company cases.” This is largely driven by client preference not business attorney ability.) Those cases, however, are sparse. Beyond that, the remaining legal services needed by big businesses can be done at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality by using business attorneys at a smaller firm.

Smaller organizations should consider looking to a smaller law firm with business attorneys that can become a strategic business partner supporting the company throughout a number of issues. Indeed, small companies and new businesses are usually short of resources and funds to have an in-house legal team but are in need of a large variety of legal services. Those organizations can face trouble and are in need of sophisticated legal services that also might develop into “bet the company” litigation.

Find a firm with business attorneys who have experience providing legal services in your industry or field.

Business attorneys offer a variety of legal services to businesses of all sizes. However, the legal support required by a business could differ largely due to the legal issues faced, the business’s reach and reputation in the market, the complexity of a commercial transaction, etc…. For example, organizations with a global presence or those dealing in interstate commerce might have more complex issues than a company dealing entirely in intrastate deals. Finding a firm with business attorneys providing legal services related to those issues faced will lead to a more effective resolution of the issues. Firms should look to business attorneys with a history providing legal services within the industry or with experience in similar transactions when seeking legal work. Some legal services are specialized in the areas of employment law, commercial law, trademark laws, and copyright laws to name a a few.

A firm’s background and references should be checked.

A firm and its business attorneys’ background and reputation for providing legal services to your corporation’s size should be researched. Some business attorneys only provide legal services to large corporations. Others cater more toward smaller businesses and have experience providing legal services in these circumstances. Client references are also important. Previous clients can provide insight into how that specific business attorney handles litigation or manages cases.

Personal client attention.

You should understand how the firm interacts with its clients. Undoubtedly, you should choose a firm that will provide personal attention to your business legal issues, big or small. Large firms usually handle major corporations and big business and may not be able to pay attention to small clients and their issues. A smaller business might choose a smaller legal firm with business attorneys focused on providing legal services to meet a client’s satisfaction rather than making big money. An ideal choice for a small business would be a firm that has business attorneys dedicated to providing legal services in the most zealous and cost effective manner and with the upmost care even as they handle even the most common and trivial cases.

Cost and affordability.

Last but not the least, consider the fee and other charges that the firm might charge. Choosing a big legal firm can be very expensive and unnecessary to address issues faced by smaller businesses. Look beyond the billable hour rates to see if the firm can be creative in billing and payment structures to suit your organization’s needs or financial constraints. Smaller law firms can provide a large variety of legal services at reasonable costs. Do not hesitate to be honest with the firm representatives to whom you consult regarding the firm’s legal services.

In sum, it is important to find a firm that is well-equipped to handle your legal requirements and provide the legal services necessary to meet your organization’s needs. JR Glenn Law has experience providing customized legal services to clients of all sizes. JR Glenn Law is standing by to provide specialized attention and customized legal services aimed toward defending your business or supporting it as a true business partner to meet your organization’s goals.




Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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