How to Improve Your Retail Displays

In retail, your display fixtures are an important part of how you sell products. With the right design, you can push sales from mediocre to great. Many stores struggle with the design of their display fixtures, and other stores don’t put much thought into it. With a little effort and some guidance, any store can have fixtures that make selling products easier. Here is how to improve your retail displays.

Promote Interaction

One of the best ways to push customers to make purchases is to have them interact with products. Your store display fixtures should be designed to promote interaction. Instead of having products displayed up on a wall, move them to a place that is easily in reach so that customers can pick up the display model to see what it is like. This removes many of the questions that customers have about products and makes them more likely to buy.

Make Comparison Shopping Easy

Comparison shopping is one of the fun parts of shopping is comparing the different products and sales. If you want customers to follow through on a purchase, then make it easier to compare products so that they can choose one. Make sure that you have multiple options on display and that they have specific information listed about all of the models. This makes it easy to find the same stats for each option and compare them. If customers don’t have to struggle to find a product, they likely won’t struggle to purchase it.

Cross-Merchandise When Possible

When customers decide to purchase something, they rarely choose the one item on its own. In clothing, customers want to find accessories or other parts of an outfit if they found something that they liked. This is your chance to upsell other products. Use store display fixtures to position related products next to each other so that it is easy for customers to complete an outfit. Store fixture manufacturers make fixtures with this in mind, so you can buy fixtures with multiple display methods built-in. However, you can also use whatever fixtures you have available to make this work.

Don’t Over Produce

While it is tempting to try to squeeze a lot of elements into the same one or two fixtures, it is important to remember the importance of open space. If you have everything crammed into a small space, it will look cluttered and unappealing. Make sure that your displays are tactful and well-organized, which includes giving products room to breathe. This is also important in how customers interact with your products. They can’t pick up products and interact with them if they are stuffed into a small space. This will just lead to a big pile of products falling over and making a mess.

Get Help with Your Displays

Designing your store displays is difficult on your own, which is why you should partner with MW-SF. We have extensive experience developing store fixtures for a variety of industries. Call us at (708) 672.2900 for a consultation on your project.




Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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Katie Zillmer is a Senior Account Manager at KitelyTech.

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